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The John Bentley School

An Outstanding Centre For Learning

Extra Curricular

Sports and Extra Curricular

Sports and extra-curricular activities form an important part of a well-rounded education.  The John Bentley School is pleased to operate a wide-ranging programme of sports and clubs to give pupils the opportunity to develop their specific areas of interests beyond the standard curriculum.

The list of clubs is extensive and incorporates subjects which are both academically based such as physics, languages and maths, plus a diverse range of more vocational topics such as fashion, media and the arts.

Sports are equally well represented with football, netball and rugby clubs all thriving among others.


The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are well represented, with Year 10 and 11 pupils working towards their Bronze award and some members of the Sixth form going for silver and gold.  Recent years have seen expeditions to Morocco, Norway and Mount Blanc!